How To Convert Posts To Page and Pages To Post

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Quick Steps To Convert Posts to Pages and Vice Versa

Did you publish too quickly and forgot to publish as a page instead of a post? What about creating a page but you mistakenly made it a post? Or it might not be your fault, you created a page earlier and for some reason you feel it should be a post or vice versa? If you find yourself in any of these dilemma, I have a quick and easy solution for you.

If you don’t know how to install a plugin, make sure you read our post on How to install a WordPress Plugin.

You can also watch our quick video tutorial on how to change a post to page below.

Now, let’s get started.

Steps To convert Post To Page and Change Page To a Post

  1. Log into your admin dashboard
  2. Click on Add new plugin
  3. Search for ‘Post Type Switcher
  4. Click on install
  5. After installation, click on activate
  6. Click on All Posts
  7. Select the post you want to convert and click on edit
  8. On the right hand side, containing the publish button, click on edit near the post type
  9. Change post to page
  10. Finish
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I hope you enjoyed my short tutorial on how to change a wordpress post to a page and vice versa. Using the Post Type Switcher makes the whole process very simple and easy. No coding involved and no need to edit some files that can break your site or database.

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